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  • "For businesses who've never offered an affiliate program before, zferral is an amazing new application that brings big-business capabilities to companies of all sizes." (5 out of 5 stars)
    Stephanie Miles, AppVita
  • "zferral is the right site to check if you are looking into ways in which you could take your business into a new league. "
    Roger H, KillerStartups
  • "Let's face it, everybody is looking for ways to maximize profit. zferral is probably the easiest way that I've seen to do this, if you have any sort of product that you're selling. "
    Brad McCarty, TheNextWeb (Apps)
  • "You pay affiliates only if they make a sale, therefore eliminating any fixed costs. However, one of the biggest problems that small and mid-sized businesses have is to manage and track the whole affiliate program. Finally there is a tool that makes all of this super easy."
  • Pajama Entrepreneur "zferral is an online service that allows companies, especially startups, to create their own affiliate and referral programs. What’s great about zferral is that the service is free in the beginning and then you pay as you go."
    Esme Vos, Pajama Entrepreneur
  • Take A Leaf "Effortlessly boost your sales online and increase your revenue with a free-to-start, pay-as-you-grow zferral custom affiliate and referral program that you can have up and running in just minutes…"
    Take A Leaf
  • Daily CrowdSource "zferral, a recent KillerStartup, gives any sized company the power to develop a program designed to scale your business by crowdsourcing sales and marketing. "
    The Daily Crowd Source
  • KeysToGrowth "there is a great technology platform created by zferral that will help you setup your custom referral program in minutes. Unlike many other affiliate marketing platforms it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get started, they even offer a free plan. "
    Adam Ross, Keys To Growth
  • FeedmyApp "(zferral's) proprietary software helps you easily create and manage custom affiliate and referral programs."
  • Buzz Reportz "This dashboard will let you take care of each and every operation – creating campaigns, setting down commissions the overall management of affiliates… Of course, it will also let you track analytics with ease. "
  • Site Trail "Everybody wants to make money online as fast and easy as possible. zferral is here to help with just that."
    Site Trail